Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve been able to push content out across numerous platforms. I’ve really enjoyed creating various podcasts throughout this time. I set out the five seasons’ worth of podcast content which I hope you enjoy.

  1. My first season of Done Deal podcasts started with explaining the Nike, New Balance and Liverpool FC High Court dispute.
  2. Season two included my Talk at Google, speaking about the football industry and my Done Deal book.
  3. I then launched season three which included two standalone YouTube and podcast courses; The Football Industry Uncovered and How to Build a Career in Sport.
  4. Over the last six months, myself and Omar from 21st Club have started The Dan & Omar Show where we discuss topical football issues.
  5. More recently, I have been chatting alongside Ehsen Shah on Clubhouse and speaking with plenty of industry insiders on the way sport really works.

Happy listening.

Published by Daniel Geey

I am an associate in Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP’s Competition and EU Regulatory Law Group. First and foremost, I am a football fan. After completing my law degree with a dissertation on the Bosman ruling, I embarked on a Masters Degree in Competition Law and European Football Broadcasting Rights.

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