((Thirteen.)) Thank You’s To the BBC Breakfast Team

By Lillian Geey To Naga, Charlie, Louise, Carol, Sally and Dan It’s almost five years since my last operation; the news the cancer had returned; a small nodule in a part of my lung. The haze of difficult conversations with my lovely husband, my beloved sons, the oncologist and the surgeon. The thought of further […]

Heads Up x Football Aid: Fundraising for Mental Health

I’ve been privileged to be on the board of the fantastic Football Aid charity for over 8 years. I’ve never been prouder of the charitable collaboration we are currently undertaking with Heads Together, the mental health programme set up by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Football Aid are auctioning off tonnes […]

The IPL and the EPL Compared

By Chirayato Banerjee, Daniel Geey and Alex Harvey Introduction During a recent trip to Mumbai at the end of last year, two of the authors met over breakfast to share their experiences in the legal world. CB, a judge in the District Judiciary of West Bengal, India and Daniel, a sports lawyer in London, were […]

Football’s Financial Crisis: Three Ideas to Help Lower League Clubs

By Daniel Geey and Jonny Madill EFL Chairman Rick Parry has explained that without serious intervention, lower league clubs face a £200m funding blackhole come September 2020. When providing information to the Digital Culture, Media and Sport committee, Parry was clear that systemic change is needed to ensure EFL club finances are future proofed – […]

Concentrate on the Invisible: Supercharge Your Knowledge and Build Your Network

I recently ran a week long YouTube course on my experiences in breaking into the sports industry and forging a career. What we all see with a lot of people is the outcome, not the process and are seduced by the outcome rather than enjoying the process and the journey. My key takeaway was that […]

The Newcastle Takeover: The Rules on Spending Will Still Bite

First Published in the Mail on Sunday Should the Newcastle takeover happen, it’s important to understand the spending restrictions in place at domestic Premier League (EPL) and UEFA level. It will be difficult for the club to spend astronomical amounts on transfer fees and wages because of the EPL Profitability and Sustainability Regulations and the […]

Football Industry YouTube Course

I decided to put together a 12 day football industry course on YouTube setting out a number of the key areas of the industry I work in. I hope you enjoy them. An Introduction to the Football Ecosystem Football Transfers Football Player Contracts Player Boot Deals Image Rights Contracts Football Agents Representation Contracts Who Pays […]

How Champions League Clubs Make Their Money

The UEFA Champions League Financial Distribution Model By Alex Harvey and Daniel Geey The brilliant Swiss Ramble has published an excellent, detailed analysis of the UEFA Champions League distribution model. We would strongly recommend reading the twitter thread in full, which you can find here. As we have done with previous Swiss Ramble threads, we […]


BOOKS 1. Hit Makers by Derek Thompson: Derek has this amazing ability to tell brilliantly interesting entertainment related stories that really resonate. I loved his 50 Shades of Grey insights, the nature of ‘things’ going viral and the hidden valuable networks behind what makes something popular.   2. Mindset by Carol Dwek: The better a book is, the […]