Premier League Parachute Payments Explained

The Basics Parachute payments are funds provided by the Premier League to clubs relegated from the Premier League to the Football League Championship. They are primarily to provide a financial cushion for the relegated clubs to adjust to life outside the lucrative Premier League competition. The Premier League for a number of years had distributed […]

Virgin on the Ridiculous: The £5bn Football Broadcasting Deal

This week Sky and BT paid over £5bn to the Premier League for its live domestic broadcasting rights in a three year deal. Such was the competition that the amount paid was a reported 70% uplift on the previous astronomical deal. Prior to the announcement, Virgin Media who purchases Sky Sports and BT Sports on […]

Financially Messi: How Much Would it Cost to Buy Lionel?

Introduction Over the last few days, speculation has increased that Lionel Messi may be thinking of leaving Barcelona. Whether he does or does not, this brief blog sets out the financial implications for any buying club. For any club thinking of buying Messi, there would be some eye-watering numbers to consider. A no-doubt world record […]

Ofcom launches its Premier League broadcasting rights investigation. What does it mean for stakeholders?

Please provide a brief background to this matter, including: (1) a description of how football rights are currently sold in the UK; and (2) the Premiership’s justification for selling rights collectively. The Premier League sells its rights on a territory by territory basis across the globe. Specifically, the Premier League has an auction process that […]

The 6 Second Vine, Football Broadcasting & the Premier League

The Premier League recently announced that it will be clamping down on Vine users recording Premier League footage (primarily on their mobile phone) and posting the recordings on social media channels including Twitter. The Premier League is concerned that as they have a variety of products that they auction to various companies in a large number of […]

My Top Ten Football Law Blogs of 2013

As we approach the end of 2013, I thought that I would share with you a selection of my 2013 blogs all in one convenient place. 1.  FFP: My Top Ten Tips for understanding UEFA Financial Fair Play here 2.  FFP: Malaga, its Overdue Debts & UEFA Financial Fair Play here 3.  TPI: UEFA’s Aim […]

My Top Five Premier League Broadcasting Developments

As the new PL 13-14 season kicks off, never before has there been so many fascinating Premier League (PL) broadcasting issues. Many of the most eye catching commercial developments have resulted from the latest PL global tender for live PL rights.  What is especially noteworthy is the increased popularity in the UK internet and mobile […]

What does competition law have to do with sports broadcasting?

Competition law and broadcasting issues have continued to offer interesting insights into the dynamics of the UK broadcasting market. This has manifested in various disputes between the UK’s most well-known television and satellite providers. BSkyB (Sky) seem to be at the very heart of the debate, especially in the realms of sports and movies. Various […]

A Good Year for Sky and its Football Coverage

Introduction When football and broadcasting come up in conversation, BSkyB’s (Sky) live coverage of the Premier League (PL) since 1992 is never far from many people’s lips. It was Sky’s strategic initiative that, along with first run movies was the subscriber driver. It also had the consequence of bringing large amounts of Pay-TV revenue into the […]

Football Law Magazine ‘On the Ball’ 2012 Edition

In this issue, we gaze again into the complex world of football and the law. We delve into subjects such as the Premier League broadcasting deal, Financial Fair Play and the Football Creditors Rule. On the Ball is produced in conjunction with Football Aid, a sports charity organisation, which enables football supporters to ‘Live the […]