Football Transfers: Buy-Back Clauses Explained

Every so often, I receive an excellent question (or set of questions) from readers of the blog. Recently, I received some really insightful queries from Jason Ives in relation to specific transfer agreement clauses. I set out his questions and provide some detail on how such clauses work in the football industry. Can you please explain how buy-back […]

Premier League Parachute Payments Explained

The Basics Parachute payments are funds provided by the Premier League to clubs relegated from the Premier League to the Football League Championship. They are primarily to provide a financial cushion for the relegated clubs to adjust to life outside the lucrative Premier League competition. The Premier League for a number of years had distributed […]

Football League Insolvency Regulation Changes: A Brief Summary

Introduction This note sets out a summary of the new insolvency regulations that the Football League (FL) has agreed to implement in time for the upcoming 2015/16 season. Although at the time of writing, the FL has not published the express wording of its new regulations, it recently circulated a press release[1] providing the high […]

High-Spending Clubs Must Still Be Careful How They Use Their Money

This blog was first published on the excellent Secret Footballer website here. Introduction It had been reported for some time that Uefa was intending to relax its Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations to allow clubs in certain instances to spend more than was preciously permitted. On 1 July, Uefa’s new regulations were published. The basic […]

Our Top 10 Tips to Understand the Football Association’s New Intermediary Regulations

By Daniel Geey and John Mehrzad 1. The Basics: The FA Regulations on working with Intermediaries (the “FA IRs”) came into force on 1 April 2015. This was as a result of FIFA’s recently introduced FIFA Intermediaries Regulations (the “FIFA IRs”). Only a registered Intermediary can be used by a club or player (unless a […]

The Future of Financial Fair Play

First published on the excellent ‘The Secret Footballer’ website here Introduction Cost control and Financial Fair Play (FFP) has dominated the football financial headlines over the last few weeks. First came an announcement from the Football League and QPR that an arbitration panel will determine whether the Football League’s FFP regulations are legal and whether […]

Virgin on the Ridiculous: The £5bn Football Broadcasting Deal

This week Sky and BT paid over £5bn to the Premier League for its live domestic broadcasting rights in a three year deal. Such was the competition that the amount paid was a reported 70% uplift on the previous astronomical deal. Prior to the announcement, Virgin Media who purchases Sky Sports and BT Sports on […]

Financially Messi: How Much Would it Cost to Buy Lionel?

Introduction Over the last few days, speculation has increased that Lionel Messi may be thinking of leaving Barcelona. Whether he does or does not, this brief blog sets out the financial implications for any buying club. For any club thinking of buying Messi, there would be some eye-watering numbers to consider. A no-doubt world record […]

Third Party Investment in Football Players: The Basics, the Detail and Recent Developments

This was first published on The Secret Footballer Website here and with thanks to Andrew Visnovsky for his assistance in researching the below. What does it all mean? Third Party Investment (TPI) in the football industry is where a football club does not own, or is not entitled to, 100% of the future transfer value of […]