Ofcom launches its Premier League broadcasting rights investigation. What does it mean for stakeholders?

Please provide a brief background to this matter, including: (1) a description of how football rights are currently sold in the UK; and (2) the Premiership’s justification for selling rights collectively. The Premier League sells its rights on a territory by territory basis across the globe. Specifically, the Premier League has an auction process that […]

Football League Championship Clubs Tweak their Financial Regulations

Introduction Yesterday, representatives at an EGM of the Football League’s 24 Championship clubs voted in favour of a new set of new financial regulations which will, in two seasons, replace their previous financial fair play regulations (FFPRs). They have however taken the lead from the Premier League in renaming their new regulations that will be […]

The 6 Second Vine, Football Broadcasting & the Premier League

The Premier League recently announced that it will be clamping down on Vine users recording Premier League footage (primarily on their mobile phone) and posting the recordings on social media channels including Twitter. The Premier League is concerned that as they have a variety of products that they auction to various companies in a large number of […]

Financial Fair Play: UEFA to Sanction Clubs Shortly

As the merits and failings of Financial Fair Play (FFP) were being debated by Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Sky’s Monday Night Football, it struck me how mainstream the discussion about FFP has now become. This next week however, promises to be the most significant yet as UEFA will likely announce their decisions by […]

The Football Law Basics: Making Sense of Football Phrases

Introduction Each week seems to bring a new football controversy. If it isn’t the FA charging a player with improper conduct, the governing body is having to defend its disciplinary procedures in an arbitration. There are daily references to club administrations, insolvencies and the football creditors rule, football transfers, buy-out amounts and release clauses. It […]

Buy-Out & Release Clauses in Football Contracts: The Basics

This is a brief blog on the issue of buy-out and release clauses in football player contracts. There appears to be some confusion between the two concepts and the aim of this blog is to set out the basics with the aid of a few recent examples. For more detail on this topic, I would […]

My Top Ten Tips to Understand Third Party Investment in Football Players

With third party investment in football players (TPI) becoming a hot topic for discussion at present, I thought it would be useful to briefly set out my top ten tips to help understand the key concepts. 1. TPI in the football industry is where a football club does not own, or is not entitled to, […]