The One-Stop Shop to Understand the Transfer Window

The below are links to a range of blogs I have written on the transfer window, player contracts and release clauses, work permit regulations, image rights, agents regulations , third party investment and how much it would cost to buy Lionel Messi! Enjoy! The Transfer Window Release and Buy-Out Clauses Work Permit Regulations Image Rights Agents […]

The Football Law Basics: Making Sense of Football Phrases

Introduction Each week seems to bring a new football controversy. If it isn’t the FA charging a player with improper conduct, the governing body is having to defend its disciplinary procedures in an arbitration. There are daily references to club administrations, insolvencies and the football creditors rule, football transfers, buy-out amounts and release clauses. It […]

My Top Ten Tips to Understand Third Party Investment in Football Players

With third party investment in football players (TPI) becoming a hot topic for discussion at present, I thought it would be useful to briefly set out my top ten tips to help understand the key concepts. 1. TPI in the football industry is where a football club does not own, or is not entitled to, […]

The Trouble with Loan Agreements: Conflicting UK and South American Perspectives

By Daniel Geey and Ariel Reck Introduction This article examines the tricky integrity of competition issues associated with loan players playing against their parent club. After discussion between both co-authors it became apparent that a variety of national associations have divergent approaches to the same issue. With Premier League (PL), Football League (FL) and Argentinean […]

My Top Ten Football Law Blogs of 2013

As we approach the end of 2013, I thought that I would share with you a selection of my 2013 blogs all in one convenient place. 1.  FFP: My Top Ten Tips for understanding UEFA Financial Fair Play here 2.  FFP: Malaga, its Overdue Debts & UEFA Financial Fair Play here 3.  TPI: UEFA’s Aim […]

Has Third Party Ownership of Players been Banned in Argentina?

Introduction Recently there have been reports that the Argentinean government has implemented a tax law that effectively prohibits third party ownership (TPO) of football players. After getting in touch with the esteemed football lawyer Ariel Reck in Argentina, we decided to write a short blog about the consequences for the Argentinean football industry of this […]

Manchester City’s £97m loss and Financial Fair Play Compliance

Introduction Manchester City recently announced a £97m loss in their latest 2011-12 accounts. This led to the press and commentators fervently questioning City’s ability to comply with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Rules (FFPRs). The aim of this blog is to illustrate how City will be able to use various deductibles in the FFPRs to significantly […]

UEFA’s Aim to Prohibit Third Party Ownership in Football

Introduction At the beginning of December the UEFA Executive Committee announced a plan to tackle third party ownership (TPO) in football. For a background to what TPO is and the regulatory framework, click here. The Basics: What is Third Party Player Ownership? TPO in the football industry is where a football club does not own, […]

Football Match Fixing: Are UEFA’s Third Party Ownership Disclosure Regulations Strong Enough?

Introduction I would like to highlight an important football integrity issue which I have blogged about previously. The issue relates to third party ownership in football players (TPO). For an understanding about what TPO is and its advantages and drawbacks click here. This piece however is to examine an issue where the integrity of a football match could potentially be […]