I recently ran a week long YouTube course on my experiences in breaking into the sports industry and forging a career.

What we all see with a lot of people is the outcome, not the process and are seduced by the outcome rather than enjoying the process and the journey.

My key takeaway was that if you want to get into sport for the long term, don’t worry about getting a job in sport in the short term. The opportunity will arise if you invest the time productively. This can be done specifically by:

  1. building relationships; and 
  2. supercharging your knowledge base.

If you do this consistently and with perseverance over a long period of time, you will have a much better chance of reaching your goals.

The five day course was broken down into particular themes.

  1. “How Soon Is Now?” Day 1 focused on Practical Techniques to make contacts and build relationships. 
  2. “Build the Invisible” Day 2 explored mapping out your relationship ecosystem.
  3. “Read, Consume, Repeat” Day 3 honed in on building your knowledge base through incremental change.
  4. “Protect the Process” Day 4 examined how to keep the routine strong and tapping into the ‘fuel’ that will keep you going.
  5. “A Growth Mindset” Day 5 emphasises the need to combine passion with perserverence and embrace the process even if the results are not immediately visible.

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Published by Daniel Geey

I am an associate in Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP’s Competition and EU Regulatory Law Group. First and foremost, I am a football fan. After completing my law degree with a dissertation on the Bosman ruling, I embarked on a Masters Degree in Competition Law and European Football Broadcasting Rights.

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